Monday, December 27, 2010

This is NOT a Paid Advertisement!

I know it is wrong to have a favorite Christmas present.  I truly love all the gifts I received.  I know my family puts a lot of thoughtfulness into each one, and I appreciate that.  But, that being said, I am going to break the rules.  There is something about a hand made gift.  Maybe it is because I am creative and I know how much work it takes to pull something together.  My daughter-in-law Ashley decided to go on Shutterfly and make a personalized calendar for our family.  This thing is AWESOME.  For each month, the top of the calendar has photographs of family members who are celebrating something that month.  Then on the dates themselves, there are smaller pictures of the person who is celebrating.  I picked October to show, because my birthday is on the 9th and Beckham's is on the 21st.  Ashley did a great job and picked out some wonderful photos.  This is truly a keepsake.