Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oldest First

Last year I started a scrapbook for my Grandson Beckham. It is a scrapbook of his first 12 months of life. Beckham was born in October of 2009. I created the first 6 pages in anticipation of his birth. I haven't touched his scrapbook since. Time to get the oldest of projects done first. The three new pages are devoted to Beckham's Baptism, his first Halloween and his first Thanksgiving.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everything But Sewing

These last two weeks have been crazy beyond belief! My family has been sick with this virus that is going around. All of us have had it in one form or another. Matthew even spent an evening in the ICU at Froedtert Hospital. I hope we are done with it.

Then there was all the household hubbub. I had wallpaper stripped in my foyer (my foyer extends upstairs and downstairs). Our wood floors, which flow from the dinette, through the kichen and half bath into the foyer, were sanded, stained and recoated. That means we "lived" upstairs for 4 days.

Maddy was spayed. Since the floors were being done, she was also boarded for the first time.

So now, hopefully, you can understand why there have been no posts. I need my sewing fix. I have my list (if you know me, you know I live by lists). I need to get going on my State Fair entries.

Since St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday, Matthew just has to have a bib to celebrate.

Time to get busy with that list!